band:   rx:   tx:   unique

    (1) Band colours default to the new WSPRnet colours, original colours available from the Options menu.
    (2) The wild card character * can be used in callsigns in the new database, eg:

            tx: W1GJM   rx: VK*   finds all VK stations hearing W1GJM
            tx: VK*   rx: J*   finds all VK stations heard by J stations
            tx: VK*   rx: [blank]   finds all VK stations heard by anyone
            tx: [blank]   rx: VK*   finds anyone heard by VK stations
            NOTE: The * can only be used at the end

Happy scraping.

73 Phil VK7JJ

• charts
• sortable table
• Kilometres per Watt and Spot Quality calculations
• copy all the spot data for pasting in your spreadsheet
• displays Maidenhead locator values & squares
• experimental Balloon track support. See User Hints.
See more operating hints in the Options menu